July 3, 2022
Bing Twitter search deal

Bing and Twitter Renew Search Deal

Bing Twitter search deal
Credit: Search Engine Land

San Francisco, California–Bing and Twitter have renewed their deal to include tweets in the Bing social search, which began in 2009.

Found at bing.com/social, the inclusion lets people see real-time tweets, a distinction which the search portal leverages to gain a bit more market share in an industry dominated by rival Google.

Capturing about 17 to 18 percent of the search market, Bing looks for creative ways to attract users. The search engine boasts some impressive numbers in five key areas, outside those, it struggles to break off more market share. Its partner, Yahoo, is faring well of late, with its properties recording more visitors than Big G’s.

The Bing and Twitter Partnership

The Bing and Twitter partnership has been of some benefit to both companies, though it has not swelled the search engine’s user ranks. Bing hopes to make itself more attractive by including social activity, which serves billions of users on a monthly basis.

“Whether it’s a politician, celebrity, thought leader or friend, our renewed partnership with Twitter ensures that you have near real-time access to what people are tweeting tailored to what you’re searching for,” Microsoft wrote in a brief blog post. Though the last deals were two years in length, the company did not say how long the partnership has been renewed for this time.

By the Numbers

Twitter is currently the third largest social network on the internet, with Facebook at number one with approximately 1.2 billion active monthly users. Google Plus takes second with 540 million, and Twitter recording 232 million active monthly users.

In the search industry, Google dominates, processing approximately 100 billion queries per month and taking 67 percent of the market share. Bing is a distant second, with between 17 and 18 percent, while Yahoo rounds out the top three with 11 to 12 percent.

Twitter is set to go public this week, looking to reload its war chest as it sustained a $67 million loss in the first half of this year. Both Bing and Twitter have been implementing new features to retain and attract more users.

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