June 21, 2022

Bing, Yahoo Continue Search Share Trade

Bing Yahoo Google search shareThe Internet–The Bing, Yahoo partnership continues to be a futile practice of share and share alike.

In the past several months, the two search partners have failed to gain any real market share in the desktop search industry–essentially swapping small percentages between one another.

In the latest figure analysis released by comScore, Google held on to the top position, with Bing showing a slight gain, and Yahoo dropping a fraction. The numbers reveal that the Bing, Yahoo partnership, which began in 2009, and to peel off market share from Google, has not come to fruition.

However, the partnership has yet to deliver as the two tech companies stay in distant second and third positions. The numbers also show that AOL and Ask continue finish with just small percentages of search market share.

Bing, Yahoo Fail to Gain Substantially

Though Yahoo sites outperformed Google in the past two months, and Bing search went through an overhaul, as did Yahoo, neither search portal was able to take away from Big G. Here are the numbers from August through October:

    1. Google — October: 66.9 percent; September: 66.9 percent; August: 66.9 percent
    2. Bing – October 18.1 percent; September: 18 percent; August: 17.8 percent
    3. Yahoo – October 11.1 percent; September: 11.3 percent; August: 11.4 percent

The figures do not yet include Ask and AOL; however, both search portals combined represent just 3.9 percent of the search market:

4. Ask – September: 2.5 percent; August: 2.6 percent
5. AOL – September: 1.3 percent; August: 1.3 percent

Google remains unphased in its lead, holding steady at just one-tenth of a point under 67 percent. In May of this year, Bing posted more impressive numbers, and has managed to fetch a slight gain. Again, this was at the expense of Yahoo, a dynamic that has the tech company seeking to break-off the agreement between the two entities.

Mobile Search by the Numbers

Mobile devices now account for approximately 20 percent of all global internet traffic, according to data compiled by StatCounter. In the United States the figure stands about 15 percent, though, in certain categories, mobile driven traffic accounts for 35 to 40 percent. Those figures increase when it comes to localized mobile search.

The following figures represent mobile search market share:

    1. Google — 88.1 percent
    2. Yahoo — 8.1 percent
    3. Bing — 3.4 percent
    4. All others — 0.4 percent

It’s clear Google is dominant player in the world of search. Recent rumors suggest should Stephen Elop, a potential candidate for Microsoft’s CEO spot were chosen, he would sell off Bing, which would likely cause a huge market shakeup.

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