October 23, 2020
Google Universal Search Results

Blended Google Universal Search Results Up 85%

Google Universal Search Results
Credit: Search Metrics

Mountain View, California--BlendedĀ Google Universal Search Results increased 85 percent, in all searches, pulled from various proprietary engines, such as Google Videos, Google Images, Google News, and Google Maps.

“Universal” results are an amalgamation or “blend” of all those properties, and are up in every vertical platform, according to a study conducted by Search Metrics.

Basically, when a user enters a keyphrase into the Google search bar, the various keywords in the query are pulled not only from the main search engine, but also, the search giants other indexes. This is the reason consumers using Google see search results broken-up into organic, images, news, and are given a horizontal menu option at the top of the page to refine their searches into one index.

Google Universal Search Results by the Numbers

Since the 2013 study, videos now appear for an impressive 65 percent of keywords, while images account for 40 percent of keyword results. News items appear for 16 percent of keyword results and shopping results for 6 percent of keywords. Maps having the weakest showing, rendering results for less thanĀ 1 percent of keywords. However, Google Shopping or PLAs, increased dramatically from 2013, ballooning 200 percent.

Integration of keyword proportions in Universal Search are up to 81 percent, compared to 75 percent last year. Image results are rendered 45 percent of the time, outpacing every other proprietary engine. News keyword integration remained steady from the previous year, but overall, now include less sources. The total number of shopping result sources have gone up by 182 percent.

Recently, Google expanded its Webmaster Tools to allow tracking of specific website sections and has stated that it will review its “keyword not provided” policy, though, no decision has been made public, to-date.

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