September 21, 2022
Google reconsideration request rejections

Changes to Google Reconsideration Request Rejections

Google reconsideration request rejectionsSeattle, Washington–The head of the Google Webspam Team, Matt Cutts, announced at SMX Advanced that reconsideration request rejections are now going to include more detailed information from Google Search Quality analysts.

This is a welcome change for the SEO community, as for years, such answers did not contain more robust information about why a reconsideration request was denied by the search engine.

Reconsideration requests are necessary when a site is found to have engaged in practices which violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines and as a result, said site is removed from the tech company’s index. This, of course, means a site cannot be found through organic queries but only by visitors going directly to the offending site’s web address.

More Details Provided in Google Reconsideration Request Rejections

The change means when a search quality team member reviews and responded to a reconsideration submission, the rejection notice will include a separate field in which more details about the reason why can be entered. Though the company has provided such things as links as examples to expound a bit upon link issues and general categorizations, the search engine will now offer more details.

Google search quality team members now have the ability to respond with specific advice and/or recommendations, rather than just a pointing in the general direction. More specificity will allow webmasters, be they small businesses, SEOs, web designers, or others, to know more particulars, so to focus on them.

Quality Content and Panda 4.0

In recent years, Google has made a strong push to get webmasters to deliver high quality content and forego any reverse engineering. The search engine seeks to return the very best results for user queries possible and last month, continued that trend with the release of Panda 4.0.

Rather than being a data refresh, this is a larger update, one that has a more robust ability to identify websites.  This update, the search giant estimates, will impact about 7.5 percent of all sites in its index.

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