September 17, 2022
creative ways to promote your business content

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business’ Content


Learn some creative ways to promote your business’ content.

creative ways to promote your business contentYou want to drive more traffic to your website and you’ve done enough research to know that content is more valuable than keywords and backlinks. That’s why you regularly update your business blog, but, it doesn’t create as much engagement as you want.

You realize it’s not the content quality or information value, but rather, the limited reach achieved. It’s just not enough to bring more visitors to your site. You might have tried social media marketing in the past, but, it didn’t bring a significant return. Chances are, it’s not your site, content, or brand, but rather, your paltry promotion that’s to blame. 

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business’ Content

You need more web traffic but are unsure how to get it. Ad buys do a bit for your business, but, you pay out too much to get little in return. Now, you’re considering putting your efforts into marketing rather than ads. That’s certainly worthwhile, if, you understand that marketing is not advertising. Although marketing does include advertising, its core is branding.

Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. Most people can’t do that. It’s difficult to manage the multiple arms of content marketing. The process requires so much: coming up with ideas, drafting concepts, editing to perfection, designing the visuals, publishing, promoting and measuring success. —

Stated another way, marketing puts your audience first. Some helpful examples are characters such as those produced by Allstate, Old Spice, Dos Equis, and Direct TV. The characters and themes, Mayhem, Smellcome to Manhood, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and “Don’t,” all share one common attribute: they’re memorable. Whether you like the campaign or not, you do come to associate the brand with the marketing theme.

Your business can do the same. If you’re producing quality content, there are ways to  generate more traffic and engagement. Here are a few creative ways to promote your business’ content:

  • Ask a question. Instead of telling people that you offer this or that, try asking questions. It’s likely your business’ name and website are branded around your industry, and, your niche. So, reach out with questions to get your audience to engage.
  • Go guerrilla style when possible. Anything that promotes your business in an unconventional way is considered guerrilla marketing. This is why you see team members dressed outrageously at community events, or, notice a billboard with an outlandish message. It creates an impression and causes people to pay attention.
  • Give something away for nothing. At its balance sheet core, this is quintessential blogging. The time and/or money it costs is not just for search engine optimization,  but to let visitors know that you are invested in your business. If you’ve clicked onto a website with outdated content before, you truly understand how important fresh content is.
  • Build and use an email list. Email is so commonplace that it’s overlooked as a powerful marketing tool. No one likes inbox spam, but, do value good deals. It’s finding the right balance that’s key to building and using an email list for effective marketing.
  • Hold a wide-appeal contest. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It captures attention and keeps people engaged because of the potential reward. Like an email list, the challenge is to find what does and doesn’t work for your business. 

In addition to content marketing and these tactics, you should network regularly and build real-life relationships. These will not only lead to direct business, but also, increase referrals. Successful business owners who routinely network will attest to its prowess.

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