August 4, 2022
Cutts limit lifted no link spam permitted

Cutts: Google Dropped Link Spam Limit

Cutts limit lifted no link spam permittedMountain View, California–Matt Cutts, the head of fighting webspam at Google, recently stated in a video that the search engine has lifted the 100 links per page limit, yet still reserves the right to use a manual penalty against site’s considered to be involved in link spam.

The distinguished engineer revealed that Google will no longer penalize sites which publish pages with links in excess of 100 or more. In fact, the guideline was actually lifted in 2008, and as Mr. Cutts points out in the video, it’s not uncommon for webpages to have several hundreds of links as times have changed.

Link Spam, Performance, and Penalties

Though there is no “limit” per se, the search engine will continue to penalize sites which “look spammy”. Cutts likewise noted that when a page has outbound links, it is dividing it’s page rank among those links. In an earlier video released just last week, Cutts stated that sites should not duplicate meta descriptions from page to page and even went so far as to advise webmasters to leave the meta data blank, allowing Google to auto-render snippets.

This follows a series of other changes the search engine has been involved in over the past several months. At the beginning of the month, Google introduced a new penalty for what it calls “image mismatch”, or the practice of displaying one image on a page while uploading another to the search engines.

Refreshes, Iterations, and New Algorithmic Signals

In the first week of October, Penguin 2.1, the latest iteration, went live. Google also introduced into its base software a new contextual parsing system it calls Hummingbird, intended to more accurately interpret the context of search queries.

The search engine issued a warning to webmasters and site owners with thin sites, stating such properties are subject to penalization. Cutts also dispelled a myth that +1s boost a site’s organic ranking in late August.

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