August 6, 2022

Cutts: Google Hits

backlinks-logoMountain View, California–Matt Cutts of Google boasted on his Twitter microblog that his company’s detection abilities are nothing less than first-rate. In two tweets, Cutts dispels assertions made by and Algo Rank, sites which sells links.

Both websites claim to have sophisticated software which effectively gets around any algorithms produced by Google. The posts on Cutts’ Twitter account reveal otherwise, demonstrating that Big G can find such links and take action against the company’s soliciting them as undetectable. and Algo Rank Just the Latest

Cutts and Google routinely warn against participating in link schemes. In May, the search engine came down on sites selling links or participating in spamming techniques designed to artificially move other sites up in Google’s SERP.

Cutts Google Hits Backlinks.comSuch public statements are yet another warning Google does actively search, find, and penalize sites and SEOs participating in link schemes. The search engine regularly updates its algorithms to find such webspam, in October, a new version of Penguin hit the internet.

Cutts has also state in a Webmaster Help video that company’s should focus on creating quality content which adds value to the internet rather than trying to “reverse engineer” and attempt to end-run around spam and optimization signals.

Other Warnings and Advice

Cutts has stated that it’s a good practice to avoid duplicating meta data and for site to use no-follow appropriately to avoid being penalized. In September, Google issued a warning about what it terms “thin content” or, sites that have copied content from other sites containing only marginal changes. The search engine also recently debuted  a new penalty, image mismatch, which detects images uploaded differing from images displayed on websites.

In the same month, Google introduced a new software enhancement, Hummingbird, which parses queries in an attempt to understand the intention and context of searches.

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