September 20, 2022
Cutts limit lifted no link spam permitted

Cutts: NoFollow Links Won’t Hurt, Spamming Will

Cutts Says NoFollow Links Won't Hurt Spamming WillMountain View, California–Google’s head webspam engineer, Matt Cutts, says that nofollow links will not hurt a website, unless that site is engaging in spamming on a large-scale.

In the YouTube video released on Monday, Cutts states that the Google graph will automatically drop nofollow links as it crawls the web. However, the distinguished engineer did say the search software can detect large-scale spamming involving nofollow links. That statement says something about the degree of sophistication the search engine wields. It clearly points out the software is complex enough to identify potential week points which can be exploited.

Proper Use of NoFollow Links

Mr. Cutts did reassure viewers that proper use of nofollow links would not hurt a site’s organic search rank and alluded that such inbound links have a specific purpose. Conversely, manipulative or deceptive practices are singled out for manual action, “as long as you’re doing direct traffic building and you’re not annoying the entire web, you should be in good shape,” Cutts said.

He also used an anecdotal instance of a webmaster leaving “nonsensical comments” on a popular tech site which was an undeniable effort to “piggyback” off that site’s traffic.

Policing the Web

Though some SEOs and businesses might complain about Google being the lone self-appointed police agency of the internet, it’s value can’t be denied. The search engine continues to hold the top position for search queries, processing nearly 68 percent of all searches each month.

It’s also still rolling out new algorithmic updates, with Panda being the latest in July. Ranking factors have likewise undergone a change. In June, Google made changes to its Places property and upped the weight of its social network, Plus.

In another recent video, Cutts explained the search engine will send webmasters of thin content sites a warning before taking action.

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