May 27, 2022
social media operators

Don’t Subject Your @Audience to #Operators +Abuse; but, RT This!

social media operatorsThe @ampersat, the #hashtag, and all those jargon shortcuts. You might think that you’ve mastered them all, but what you really accomplished is nothing more than an over-indulgence and over-reliance on them. Irony is not without a sense of humor it seems, and ironically enough, they control your content, not you.

Shame, shame; and, you’re the only one to blame.

If you wonder why you’re digital marketing isn’t paying off the way you hoped, it’s probably because you’ve placed your faith in the wrong place. Sure, social media operators make content easy to discover by a wide audience, but they can easily be abused. Should you be the abuser, you will effectively sabotage your own marketing efforts.

Social Media Operators, Marketing and SEO

Yes, these are great tools . To make your content discoverable by others and directly interact with various users, but they have their limits. The operators work wonders with software set into digital platforms, they are also seen and processed by people. Unlike the machine which makes them work, humans will interact differently when barraged with them.

If we’re talking buzz words, then yes, social media is the new SEO. But social media, in terms of function and strategy, does not replace SEO. In fact, it’s just another case of two marketing strategies working better when they’re together. Social media posts now show in search results, social media engagement influences search rankings, and SEO can drive more people to your social profiles and posts. —Hubspot

Social media is a wonderful marketing tool; and, it’s becoming more integrated into the search engines’ indexes, which means they have SEO potential.

However, these platforms aren’t the only optimization tools at your disposal and should be using them as a supplement. In addition, you want to establish and build relationships that last while creating a memorable brand. That’s not going to happen if you do not use social media operators in the best way possible.

How to Use Social Profiles Effectively

It’s not just operators that small businesses tend to abuse, there are other social media faux pas which can negate their entire effort of content marketing:

  • Getting too personal with followers. Remember that your stream of connection came through your business. Though valuable to you, followers and customers are not your personal friends or family members.
  • Posting long status updates. This is a surefire way to turn off anyone who comes across your updates. Social is best in snippets, short and sweet are best practices. Summarize long posts in a pithy manner and let people follow the link if it piques their interest.
  • Keeping the jargon to a minimum. Just ask to see a tween’s smartphone and you’ll know precisely what this is. Speak in plain English as much as possible and be clear about your point.
  • Paying attention to grammar and spelling. This goes along with the exclusion of writing in a vernacular, but bears emphasis. Poor grammar and spelling will cast your small business in a negative light.
  • Marketing guerrilla-style. Constant sales pitches won’t pave a path to success, so when you share, make it count. Give the audience useful information or provide something interesting. Slices of life fit in nicely with this philosophy.

Be social on social sites and provide others with great content that’s useful and original.

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