August 4, 2022

Examples of Good Landing Pages

examples-of-good-landing-pagesExamples of good landing pages might give you some ideas, but what performance would you see by copying them? For examples of good landing pages to be useful to your marketing scheme, they need to include critical elements while balancing salesmanship with helpful information.

What’s more, when studying examples of good landing pages, you might overlook the fact in the “real world” these advertising properties only have about a five-second life span to convince new viewers to act. And that’s not a lot of time, so style and information have to be power-packed and credible. A big task for such a fleeting shot. 

Parsing Examples of Good Landing Pages

Sleek and clean? Colorful and loud? Video, background music or flash animation? What examples of good landing pages teach us is what’s over-the-top, what’s dull and what hits the mark. Looking at many examples of good landing pages, you’ll likely see most of the same elements being used. But that’s following the crowd. Parsing examples of good landing pages helps to separate the over-played from the producers. Another way of putting it is if it looks too salesy, it probably is.

Using Examples of Good Landing Pages

Let’s start where visitors will naturally begin when looking at a landing page. In countless examples of good landing pages, you’ll find the top of the page contains a strong title, contact information and bullet points. All are easily digestible. Taking the most attractive elements from examples of good landing pages sounds obvious, but some may avoid them for fear of overdoing it. Here’s more of the best features a landing page should include:

Pre-Populated Cursor

Many examples of good landing pages will contain a contact form. But even the majority of examples of good landing pages are missing one tiny element in their contact form: the pre-populated cursor. Click on the image to the right and you’ll see a nice pre-populated cursor which conveniently prompts visitors. Conversion rates tend to be higher on a landing page with this simple feature.

Visitors are more likely to complete a task when “asked” or given subtle direction. Forms should also be short-and-sweet. Use them to capture important details and not be chore for users to complete.

Eye Contact

Look at the image to the left of this paragraph. Take a moment to ask yourself, why are you drawn to look back to the text? It’s human nature, something primordial perhaps, that causes someone to gaze in the same direction as another. Examples of good landing pages will contain such images.

What’s curious is so many examples of good landing pages do include an image, but that image often defeats its own purpose. Showing people leaping in the air is a good example of a bad image. Also, images that “stare” back at visitors are a no-no.


Have you ever seen examples of good landing pages which don’t contain testimonials? Perhaps, but probably few-and-far-between. Testimonials are a fundamental way to establish trust. But can easily be overused and turn-off visitors. The best examples of good landing pages will have a few testimonials, usually placed in the sidebar.

Call-to-Action Endorsements Endorsements

Appended to the call-to-action button in practically all examples of good landing pages are “endorsements” or sources of credibility. And there’s good reason. If the Wall Street Journal gives a product or service the thumbs-up, it has instant credibility. Even just a small profile piece without a recommendation goes a long way. Sadly, even stellar examples of good landing pages use this element, even when it isn’t true.

Singular Call-to-Action

Some examples of good landing pages will incorporate many points of action or calls-to-action. But the absolute best examples of good landing pages will only have one call-to-action.  Think of it this way, if you were given several examples of good landing pages and about half had more than one call-to-action element, wouldn’t those be the first to be discarded?

Visitors are overwhelmed by multiple calls-to-action. Peppering a landing page with copious “click here” buttons will only serve to up that page’s bounce rate.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the most effective features from examples of good landing pages, but it contains the essential and most powerful.

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