September 15, 2022
Facebook Ads becoming More Relevant

Facebook Ads becoming More Relevant

Facebook Ads becoming More Relevant
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Menlo Park, California–Facebook ads in its news feed are proving difficult to make more relevant to individual users.

The social media site is updating its algorithm and introducing a new feature which allows users to choose to hide ads they feel are irrelevant or do not wish to see.

Ads on Facebook to date are supposed to coincide with a user’s individual preferences, based on that person’s behavior. However, there remains enough cross over distribution to cause the social network to implement these changes. Facebook mobile ads should also give users the option to hide them.

Facebook Ads Mean Business

The social site states it’s implementing the changes to better serve its users as well as its advertisers, “When deciding which ad to show to which groups of people, we are placing more emphasis on feedback we receive from people about ads, including how often people report or hide an ad,” Facebook wrote in its announcement.

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Facebook explains that by making ads more pertinent on an individual basis, advertisers will benefit more as those select groups see only advertisements which interest them. As the update rolls out, the social network states that users and advertisers alike could see variations in ad distributions as the new algorithm takes effect across the desktop and mobile platforms.

In addition to the new algorithm, the tech company states it fully intends to be more transparent about how it displays content. This has been problematic for some internet companies, which subtly confuse paid content with organic content, something that users find misleading.

Social Media’s Advertising Conundrum

While Facebook is taking steps to make ads more relevant to its users, other social media sites are struggling to balance organic content with paid content. As users hide ads on Facebook, the company records the activity. Other social networks will likely take a cue from the largest social platform on the internet to make their sites more appealing.

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