August 3, 2022
Facebook Feed to be More Relevant

Facebook Feed to be More Relevant

Facebook Feed to be More RelevantMenlo Park, California–The familiar Facebook feed users see when they log onto the site is changing yet again. If you are a Facebook user, then you are also familiar with the unrelated posts that you are not interested in reading; there is also a chance that you are missing posts that are actually relevant to your interest and friends. And this, I’m sure, is frustrating.

On a blog post on this past Tuesday, the social media super power, explained some of the mysteries of the news feed: how it works, and how it potentially should be working in the near future.

Facebook Feed Changes

On any given visit to Facebook, the average user sees about 1,500 items. From the photos of your best friend’s daughter’s graduation, to a mundane notice that an acquaintance is now friends with someone else–you see everything and anything you wish or do not wish or care to see. Obviously, some things are more relevant than others. Truth is, it might take several scrolls to reach content of interest; Facebook is trying to work something out to make main interface and Facebook feed settings more accessible and relevant to its users. This comes with a couple of changes.

The first change, already live on the web platform, uses a Facebook feed filter to go through recent but older stories that you never looked at and pulls the best ones forward. Your feed will now be a mix of new items and some old but relevant posts that you’ve might of missed.

The second change, which is soon to be implemented, will look at the last interactions you’ve had on your news feed (interaction meaning likes or comments) and rank future posts from those people and pages higher on your feed. “We wanted to capture your current state of mind,” said Lars Backstrom, the engineering manager for the Facebook news feed.

Advertisers Also Benefit

Facebook, it seems, is not just thinking about the user here, there is something else in mind. If news feeds are getting more interesting and relevant to the user, then, it is probably that he/she will spend more time reading and scrolling through. Consequently, the more the user looks, the more ads/business, brand page statuses will be seen by the user.

According to the company, changing the feed to bump up important older posts that were missed increased likes, comments and shares by 5 percent to 8 percent among users in a test group.

This is certainly a win/win for the users and for the brands/businesses that use the social media platform to increase their visibility. The user’s feed stay relevant, while businesses hit their desired target.

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