September 16, 2022
Facebook like-gating

Facebook Like-Gating Now Banned

Facebook like-gatingMenlo Park, California–Facebook like-gating is now banned on the world’s largest social network. The announcement came in a developer update, written by Harshdeep Singh, a member of Engineering Recruitment at Facebook.

The practice are explained to be methods of “forcing” users on the platform to like a Page through utilization of social plugins; or, incentives such as offering rewards or free apps. For some time, the practice has been acceptable on the social network, but moving forward, the site will no longer permit usage of such marketing strategies.

For Page Managers and owners, incentivizing people to log-in to an app, check-in at a location, or enter a promotion are still allowable. The change comes in-part, to “ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them,” the announcement read, in-part.

The Facebook Like-Gating Fallout

Such a change does show the network’s commitment to clean-up its own proprietary space; and, will be welcome to the majority of users bombarded with algorithm manipulation that coax people into liking a Page. It also represents another step in furthering battening-down practices which artificially inflate Page likes.

It will likely produce a more pleasant user experience on the social network; but, it will be met with some level of dislike for Page managers and owners who have utilized practices to build larger audiences. The reality moving forward is made clear by a current trend in organic search and on the social graph, manipulative practices will not be rewarded but penalized.

Other Facebook Changes

The social site just introduced a Buy Now button on its platform, made available to marketers. It’s convenient to users because it does not require leaving the network to complete a purchase. It also phased-out chat, putting Messenger in a prominent position and released Slingshot, a direct competitor to Snapchat.

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users worldwide and has made significant gains in its mobile advertising division. The social platform recently made available the ability for users to log-in anonymously, allowing use of apps without those third-party apps to remember usernames and passwords.

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