August 7, 2022

Facebook Mobile Referrals Up More Than 250%

Facebook Mobile Referrals Up More Than 250%
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Menlo Park, California–Facebook mobile referrals climbed an astounding 253 percent from September 2012 to the same month this year.

Facebook, the largest social network on the internet, commanding some 1.2 billion users, reached new heights in a year-over-year comparison, according to a study published by social media-sharing company Shareaholic.

Moreover, the figures demonstrate that all Facebook referrals increased by 3.84 percent from September last year, to September 2013, with mobile referrals gaining a 2 percent growth.

Facebook Mobile Referrals

The figures come just after the social network made its third quarter earnings public, which revealed Facebook mobile ads made up a full 49 percent of the total $1.8 billion earnings for the past quarter. More impressive is these numbers are up from Q2, which stood at 41 percent.

In October, Shareaholic published figures which revealed that Facebook channeled in excess of 10 percent of all traffic to advertisers’ proprietary platforms. Which makes clear that Facebook mobile referrals are an effective tool for marketers to leverage.

Facebook mobile referrals
Credit: Shareaholic

These improved numbers might get even better in Q4, because the social network’s has earnestly started tweaking its ads to be more relevant to individual users, something the site began working on at the beginning of last month. In the first weeks of September, the social platform introduced a new feed, which improved user experience.

Going Forward

One of the problems facing the site is its lost appeal to younger users, who have left the site in droves. Younger demographics prefer Instagram and Snapchat, along with Tumblr. There’s also been a recorded shift between Facebook and third largest social network, microblog Twitter.

The company has done well since its initial IPO launch, being able to capitalize on its mobile interface, a problem it revealed in its prospectus before going public. The site recently introduced hashtags and now allows users to embed posts.

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