May 20, 2022

Facebook Notification to Include Game Ads

Facebook Notification to Include Game Ads
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Menlo Park, California–Your Facebook notification menu will soon be packed with more than likes, shares, and suggestions from friends and family in your network. A move which might cause users to leave the social site.

The world’s largest social media platform is in the process of testing mobile game ad placement in users’ Facebook message notification menus. The marketing tool is being designed to promote games based on the habits of users who already play on the social network.

Facebook Notification Cluster

The good news is, in its current development, users who do not play games on the social site aren’t likely to see any ads, or very few in their Facebook notifications. Unfortunately, no users will be able to disable the ads through their Facebook notification settings. Even if users go so far as to turn off Facebook notifications on their smartphones, they will only be disabling the messages they’d want to see, and not the advertisements.

“We’re always testing new channels to promote games. This is part of a small mobile distribution test we’re running for game developers,” a spokesperson with the social network told AllThingsD.

Ads Remain the Number One Source of Revenue

Not surprisingly, ads make-up the bulk of revenue for social networks. Even such internet giants as Google are leveraging advertiser dollars, adding a “Promotions” tab to its Gmail interface where ads will appear as regular email messages. Since users can’t stop Facebook notifications with mobile gaming ads, it’s bound to be a treasure trove of revenue for the social platform.

In 2012, the social site earned 84 percent of its entire revenue from advertisements. And, in the first quarter of this year, the social network recorded a 58 percent increase in profits, something nearly unimaginable not so long ago when the social site struggled to monetize its mobile platform.

Such increases in ad revenue are likely to continue. The site has 1.11 active users, with 751 million accessing the social media site via mobile interface. The company also recently revamped its ad dashboard, making it easier for marketers to use.

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