September 19, 2022
Facebook One Column Timeline Now on All Pages

Facebook One Column Timeline Now on All Pages

Facebook One Column Timeline Now on All PagesMenlo Park, California–The Facebook one column timeline is now live and will be available to all Page users by the end of the week, according to the platform’s blog. Page Administrators logging onto their account will view a tour of the new design, and on its completion, can then switch to the updated look. In two weeks, every Page will automatically switch after admins see the tour.

The social network started pushing the new one column refresh in March of this year, with the largest change in the posts, all of which are now placed inside a single column. The result is Pages will now parrot the site’s News Feed rather than side-by-side, like the current version.

About the Facebook One Column Timeline

In the left-hand column, information about the Page will be placed, which includes things such as a map, business hours, contact information, the company’s website, and images and videos. All posts will still be found on the right side of the page.Facebook updated page

This change marks the completion of the social media’s multiple column look, which many users found to be confusing. Facebook began switching users profiles to the current single column feed in March of last year and completed the switch in May of 2013. This now allows users to scroll seamlessly, not having to jump from side to side to view all content.

Page administrators will still be able to view information about any ads they are running, such as new Likes, unread notifications, as well as messages, without having to scroll to the top.

Another welcome change for Page administrators is the ability to place sections in the top navigation and left column menu for customization. What’s more, the new Pages offer more robust navigational options to easily access activity, insights, and settings. When administrators click on the “Build Audience” tab, they are automatically redirected to their Ads Manager accounts.

Finally, a “Pages to Watch” feature is now available, inside the Page Insights tool, which allows administrators to track and compare competitor Pages, offering statistics as well as the previous week’s most engaged posts.

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