September 18, 2022
Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages Viewed 60% before Purchases

Facebook Pages
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New York, New York–Facebook Pages for businesses are the leading research and referral source for consumers, according to a study conducted by G/O Digital, a digital marketing agency.

The findings reveal an astounding 62 percent of social media users and consumers viewed a company’s page prior to making a purchase.

The study, which included 1,000 participants ranging in age from 18 years old to 29 years of age, also found that 84 percent of users made a purchasing decision based on local deals. In addition, 25 percent of respondents stated, “it’s very important and I would be likely to make an in-store purchase within a week.”

Coupon redemption at local stores also factored-in heavily, with 40 percent of those surveyed stating that such deals in-store purchases.

Promoted Posts got the attention of 12 percent, while promoted video influenced 11 percent. Loyalty apps garnered 10 percent of marketing reach.

Facebook Pages Boost Small Businesses

Local advertising is most powerful through Pages, beating out Pinterest, for consumer research about products and services coming-in at 12 percent. Twitter and Instagram followed close behind that figure, with 11 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

Interestingly, 36 percent of the study’s participants said that targeted ads, based on past purchases and personal interests are effective. What’s more, just over a quarter of respondents stated that such targeted marketing to be the most influential in making a purchasing decision.

The findings likewise reveal the main reason for consumers looking at SMB Pages is to find reviews and ratings about a company, its products and services. Such reviews and ratings convinced 80 percent of users to make a buying decision or to do more research.

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