August 5, 2022
Facebook to sell user data

Facebook to Sell User Data to Advertisers

Facebook to sell user dataMenlo Park, California–In an effort to grab market share away from the largest source of internet advertising, Facebook is launching a new platform to sell user data to advertisers, taking it’s marketing power past its proprietary social network.

Google is the single biggest channel for brands and businesses, but now, a new ad platform, called Atlas, will give corporations large and small access to more targeted consumer data.

“Atlas delivers people-based marketing, helping marketers reach real people across devices, platforms and publishers. By doing this, marketers can easily solve the cross-device problem through targeting, serving and measuring across devices,” Erik Johnson, Head of Atlas wrote in a blog post.

The new offerings are intended to bolster an already impressive number two position in internet advertising. Atlas has partnered with Omnicom Group, a marketing and corporate communications holding company based in New York City.

Facebook to Sell User Data with More Metrics

In the announcement, Johnson explains that such measurement and tracking staples, like cookies, “are flawed when used alone” and that they do not work on mobile devices, handheld devices which are gradually becoming the main gateway to the web. By selling companies information about its users, Facebook’s Atlas will sell what it calls, “people-based marketing.”

In the deal with Omnicon Group, the new platform will be tested with such giants as Intel and Pepsi. More big brands are expected to join as the results are collected and measured. The social network, with its approximate 1.3 billion users, will likely be a treasure trove to advertisers looking for new insights into consumer behavior.

Recently, Facebook announced it would penalize companies which participate in click-baiting and debuted new event promotion options. Facebook already dominates social media advertising, as confirmed by a study released in late August by G/O Digital, which found that company pages were viewed 60 percent of the time before purchases were made.

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