October 26, 2021
Facebook shared photo albums

Facebook Shared Photo Albums

Facebook shared photo albumsMenlo Park, California–Facebook shared photo albums are being rolled out by the largest social network on the internet. As part of an effort to boost group engagement, the social media site is allowing up to 50 different users to contribute as many as 200 images, bringing the total amount of photos to just one album up to 10,000 images.

The feature will be available to a large pool of users initially but only via desktop, then will expand to English sites, and eventually, Facebook will make group photo albums available internationally. Such a feature isn’t likely to hurt Instagram, a company the social network owns as that platform dominates in single image uploads.

The Birth of Facebook Shared Photo Albums

Conjured up by employees during the company’s last hackathon week, a five-day stint in which employees put aside regular work hours to dream up new ideas for the site, the concept spread quickly around the campus. An internal memo soon circulated about, inviting employees to contribute to building the prototype.

A combination of user feedback and employee ingenuity, the first mock-up took about a dozen engineers from different departments from the early morning until 6 am the following morning to develop.

Reaching to a Wider Audience

With the new feature, it will now be possible to share multiple photos from multiple users, which is ideal for large events. Weddings, family reunions, camping trips, parties, group outings, graduations, and even vacations. Prior to the roll out of Facebook shared photo albums, this would not be possible.

The company states the limit of 200 images per user per group will probably go up in the future. Of course, internal measurements of user uploads will reveal not only how much user interaction occurs, it will also provide enough data to use to lure more advertisers to the site.

Users will be able to set albums to be publicly visible, to friends of contributors, or just the group’s contributors.

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