May 24, 2022

Facebook, Twitter Becoming More Alike

Facebook, Twitter Becoming More Alike
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The InternetFacebook, Twitter, each have their allures for followers; and, of course, their limitations. For the last couple of years, it’s been Facebook vs Twitter in the fight to increase the number of users and then, to retain those users.

The latest salvo between Facebook and Twitter is the introduction of a video feature through Instagram. This was in response to Twitter’s purchase of Vine. But there’s more than video which connect Facebook to Twitter and vice-versa.

Facebook, Twitter Compete for Mobile Users

In the past few quarters, investors have been weary of Facebook’s ability to monetize its mobile  platform, a feat which has proven difficult for the largest social site on the internet. Twitter has had its own share of difficulties developing the same revenue stream. Yet, that still isn’t where the similarities in linking Facebook and Twitter end.

Blending advertising with user features in a non-obtrusive way will be very important. And that’s the largest challenge which connect Facebook and Twitter. The goal will be to take the old style of social media, namely television, and make it compatible with the lives of a younger, more tech savvy generation, according to Market Watch.

Facebook or Twitter?

Unlike television, social media has a distinct advantage–its users provide the content. However, it means that once one social network provides a popular feature, the others will have to follow. That means a near equal amount of Facebook and Twitter buttons, thingamajigs, and bells-and-whistles. Therefore, what Google Plus rolls out will cost Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other platform which seeks to stay relevant.

Google Plus recently allowed users to upload GIF files as their profile pictures and has made other leaps in the world of social networking.

Facebook and Twitter have been implementing a number of new user features of late, which include the new image in replies to Facebook status updates and Twitter allowing every user to access their handle’s analytics. But experts say more will be necessary as time goes on to keep shorter attention spans coming back.

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