August 3, 2022

Facebooks Ads Simplified

Facebooks Ads Simplified
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Menlo Park, CaliforniaFacebook ads have been quite complex since their debut. With twenty-seven units, businesses have had to labor in order to pinpoint which category they fall into and seeing site-wide consistency in those advertisements.

Companies have been telling the social media site for some time their advertising interface is unwieldy and complicated. In an effort to bolster its revenue in that sector, which accounts for a good deal of its projected earnings of $1.44 billion, the social media site is making the ad management interface over. However, the company’s last earnings report was met with skepticism as the social network continues to lose users who are migrating to other sites.

Overhauling Facebook Ads

The changes will come over the course of the next six months. In that time, the social platform will streamline its advertising dashboard. Scheduled changes are removing the questions product from company pages, disincluding the online product offer option, providing more consistency in ad appearance, and inclusion of the best sponsored stories in every ad.

Changes will be welcome to marketers, as the social company noted on its blog, “…today we are pleased to announce an ongoing effort to simplify our offerings. When we work with a marketer, we always start with their business goals, and we are going to do the same thing with our ad products.”

Redundancies are a big part of the overhaul, as many advertising options overlap, which currently adds to the confusion marketers experience. Rumors still persist that the social network will also be offering video ads to marketers in the near future.

Revenue Streams and Growth

Other changes Facebook has made are its introduction of verified accounts, which will be available to public figures, name brands, and companies.  It also recently acquired Parse, a cloud service for developers.

The company has likewise been involved in mobile, but its Facebook Home, along with the HTC smartphone which featured it, was a flop, being discontinued just a month after it became available for purchase.

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