August 3, 2022

Getting Links: Content is Still King

Don’t build links, earn them

Getting links still remains an important way to drive more traffic to a website. But the old methods of spending hours to add URL addresses to a directory listing through something like a free search engine submission portal is definitely undergoing some massive changes.

With major algorithm updates and continued improvements in search engine sophistication, Google and Bing are telling website owners through action that the old practice of getting links through manual or software build is on its way out and professionally produced content is an absolute necessity.

Website promotion now will be based on earning links rather than attempting to build copious links by any other means. Sure, site owners can still use directory listings, so long as they are properly maintained. 

Online Web Site Marketing

As mobile technology evolves, desktop search will change along with it. And with those changes online web site marketing has to adapt. That means going with the lead search engines are forging.

…[building links] in the way that links have classically been built or gotten, [search engines] don’t want you to have that link, or more likely, [search engines] don’t want to count that link, and if that’s all you do, [search engines] might actually be penalizing you… —SEOmoz

What both Google and Bing have been telling the public at-large for some time is getting links is just fine–so long as they’re earned and not “bought”.

And how that’s done is by producing and publishing content on your own site which is original, informative and useful. Sure, it’s acceptable to write a guest blog, but then again, that’s being earned.

Getting Links by Earning Them

The time is fast approaching–as changes are being implemented currently–that getting links is about making the Internet better. And that doesn’t happen by going onto some low quality site putting in your domain and hitting the submit URL button.

It happens by creating quality content that adds to the value of your website, hence to the value of the World Wide Web. After all, it’s just not useful to do otherwise. Here are some other things you can do for getting links:

  1. Review your site and critique it. If it’s lacking in really useful content, getting links will be difficult–that is, links that are valuable.
  2. Focus on contributing to the Internet community. The way search engines look at the web is a trustworthy resource. That’s why black hat techniques are sought out and punished. It’s also the sole purpose behind the Panda and Penguin updates.
  3. Use traditional promotion techniques. Gimmicks that have worked to increase traffic in the past won’t work in the future. However, there’s always offline marketing and many new ways to go about online marketing as well
Bottom line, search engines are instructing site owners that getting links ought to be done organically. By creating real solid content, that will happen naturally.

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