October 3, 2022

Google Bing Market Share Shifts

Google Bing Market Share Shifts
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The Internet–The Google Bing rivalry to dominate search results has an ever-changing landscape. And according to a new data analysis, the world’s largest search engine took a slight tumble in the overall market share. Simultaneously, Microsoft edged up with its Bing search portal capturing a little more queries.

During the month of April, the Google Bing search market dynamic changed, though only slightly, with Big G recording 66.5 percent share, down from 67.1 percent in March, a drop of 0.6 percent. At the same time, Bing inched up 0.4 percent to 17.3 percent in April. That’s quite significant compared to the year-over-year figures, when Bing corralled only 15.3 percent of the search market share in April of 2012.

The Google Bing Yahoo Saga Continues

Though the biggest search engine did lose a bit of ground, the year-over-year percentages tell a different story. In April of 2012, Google handled the same percentage as it did this year, meaning in reality, there’s no real trend. However, there have been losses in the world of search. The market share for Yahoo declined 1.5 percent in their year-over-year comparables, from 13.5 percent in April of 2012 to only 12 percent this year, according to comScore

Despite Marissa Mayer making an effort to exit Microsoft, there seems to be a disparity between what the networks produce together. The Yahoo Bing network outperformed Google in five key search areas recently. Perhaps, Mayer is thinking teaming up with Google will produce more results.

Putting the Google Bing Numbers in Perspective

When you break down the percentages of market share and look at the total number of searches, it’s clear that the only real movement is between Yahoo Bing, and not Google Bing. The net outcome is Bing and Yahoo are simply trading a small percentage of the search market share between themselves and not making any headway against Google.

Both tech companies are making strides to become more relevant. Bing recently integrated Facebook activity into its social sidebar. And Yahoo is making a bid to takeover Tumblr.

Of the 20 billion search queries performed in April, 13.3 billion were through Google, 3.5 billion went through Bing, 2.4 billion were handled by Yahoo, and Ask and AOL rounded out the bottom at 539 million and 290 million, respectively.

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