August 4, 2022
Google, Bing Search Top 19 Billion

Google, Bing Search Top 19 Billion

Google, Bing Search Top 19 BillionThe Internet–The Google Bing search market share battle continues, with both gaining just a little ground in the month of July, according to the latest comScore report. The study included search queries performed in the Untied States from June to July, recording a combined 19.4 billion searches in the same time period.

In the findings, the five biggest search portals showed a modest gain for the leader, Google, a wee bit of growth for Bing, while Yahoo, Ask, and AOL all lost ground. Of course, that means that Microsoft, aka Bing, also lost a bit because it is directly tied to Yahoo in a ten-year agreement, one which¬†Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, has publicly stated she wishes to break.

The Ongoing Google Bing Search Competition

Bing and Google are clearly the front-runners, but the ongoing Bing Google search market share war continues to heavily favor Big G over the Microsoft property. Google search vs Bing is indeed lopsided, with the Mountain View, California-based company capturing 67 percent of all the US search engine market share, while the Washington-based tech company handling 17.9 percent.

However, the Google Bing challenge is paying off in small measure for the Microsoft extension, Google, compared to Bing, remained flat in year-over-year figures, inching up just 0.2 percent, while Bing gained 2 percentage points in the same time period. While Yahoo, though innovating and imitating, isn’t moving the needle in its favor.

No Clear Winners, but Clear Losers

The challenge for Bing is that it’s in league with Yahoo. Four years ago, when the BingHoo alliance was struck, Microsoft had 8.9 percent of the market share with the internet tech company holding 19.3 percent. Together, they had 28.2 percent. Today, that combined figure is 29.3 percent, a continuation of a very unimpressive performance.

But when compared to the remaining two, that figure seems a bit more palatable, as Ask and AOL both lost a tenth of a percent, falling from June to July.

Credit: comScore
Credit: comScore
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