January 12, 2022
Google Plus Custom URLs Roll Out

Google+ Custom URLs Roll Out

Google+ Custom URLs Roll Out
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Mountain View, California–Google+ custom URLs have previously been reserved for celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and high-profile names. Yesterday, the second largest social network on the web began rolling out vanity URLs to practically every registered user.

The search giant started sending email notices to registered users yesterday, with the subject line, “Get a custom URL for your Google+ profile”. Inside the email, the body read, “You’re now eligible for a unique Google+ custom URL that lets you easily point folks to your profile (no more long URLs!).” Simply clicking on an enclosed link redirects to the claim page.

For users who’ve not yet received an invitation from Google+, the network states it will be continuing to send invites for vanity domains throughout the week.

Google+ URLs Still Have Qualifiers

Though millions of users will receive an email invitation, the vanity URLs are still restricted to users who have at least 10 followers, an account that is more than 30 days old, and have a profile picture.

Google+ custom URLs also became available to many businesses yesterday, with more invitations to be sent. Businesses must have a linked website or be a verified local business in order to claim the vanity URL.

More Google Plus Updates Rolled Out

Not only did Google Plus begin offering vanity URLs to its users, the network launched some larger than life updates designed to improve user experience. Among the updates were adding SMS messaging to its Hangouts service, making video Hangouts available in HD, and a new geo-location feature. Google+ also made available a new photo feature, “Auto Awesome Erase”, which allows users to remove objects and people from their images. Expanded search options for photo albums also debuted.

Google Plus continues to bring more user-friendly options to its users, slowly but steadily increasing its social media market share. Back in June, it updated its dashboard interface, began to integrate user comments into the Blogger platform in April, and in March, allowed users to upload GIF images as profile pics. Users can claim their Google+ custom URLs by visiting the Help Center for more information.

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