August 6, 2022
Google+ active users

Google Plus Hits 540 Million Users

Google+ active usersMountain View, California–Google Plus is officially the second largest active social media network in the internet, recording some 540 million users, about half of Facebook, which has an astounding 1.2 billion.

The social media arm of the search giant states that it has seen a 58 percent jump in its active user base over the past few months. Google+ just upgraded some of its best features, rolled out custom URLs, and now has a photo editing suite.

Vic Gundotra, the lead of social at Google, said its network has 300 million monthly active users, which is an increase from 190 million in May.

The Google Plus Math

Google+ users who have interacted socially with any of Big G’s services in the past 30 days stood at a total of 540 million, up from 390 million in May of this year. However, the numbers might be a bit fuzzy because everyone with a Gmail address or with a YouTube account is practically counted as an active user. The net result of active users on the Google+ platform, therefore, is a bit unclear.

Regardless, Plus has been growing noticeably in user activity, with more groups being created and its popular Hangouts feature, a free video chat platform which is available in high-definition. Combined with several photo-centric options, Google+ gives its users more to enjoy than its rivals.

Following Internet Usage Trends

Twitter recently included user photos in its stream, adding another feature which is popular on other social sites. Approximately 54 percent of people on the internet upload their own images and videos, the Pew Research Center found in one of its latest surveys.

Google Plus handles about 1.5 billion photos weekly, while Facebook image uploads come to approximately 350 million daily. Instagram, a Facebook owned photo sharing site, handles millions more every week.

It’s clear that social is a preferred place for users and Google is trying to leverage its properties along with its clever engineering to make Plus a go-to site.

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