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Google Plus by the Numbers

Google Plus by the Numbers

Mountain View, California–The number of Google Plus users logging into the social site from the United States has reached parity with Twitter, but still pales in comparison to Facebook.

In a survey of 60,000 participants, Forrester Research found that 22 percent logged-into the network monthly, the same percentage as Twitter.

The leader in social media, Facebook, far outpaced both networks with 72 percent logging-in once a month. However, Google+ bested three other popular social sites: Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The survey also reveals that top brands have about 90 percent as many Google Plus fans as they have Twitter followers, on average.

Google Plus Gaining Traction

The search giant reports its social platform has 300 million monthly users, compared to Twitter, which has 240 million. Marketers also find Google+ to be a significant part of their outreach, as 82 percent of top brands maintain a Facebook Page, while 64 percent maintain a Google Plus Page.

Forrester evaluated 50 social profiles of top brands over seven social sites, including 3,135,839 user interactions with 2,536 brand posts. The findings show those brands, though having presences on both networks, favor Facebook, posting to their company page 56 percent more. However, it’s noted that most social platforms allow their users to syndicate content published on Facebook, which might well account for the disparity of active use.

The evaluation also reveals that Google+ generates interaction. The study found user interaction with a brand’s Google Plus content to generate nearly as much activity as Facebook content, and more than twice that of Twitter. Nielsen Research has reported that Facebook average 6 hours on the network, but Google+ users spend just 7 minutes.

Social media popularity continues strongly, with Facebook leading at over 1 billion active users, 560 active users on Twitter, 540 million active users on Google Plus, 240 active users on LinkedIn, 150 million active users on Instagram, and 70 million active users on Pinterest. It’s estimated that 925,000 consumers join Google+ every day.

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