June 23, 2022
Google search features

Google Testing New Search Features

Google Testing New Search Features
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Mountain View, CaliforniaNew Google search features are being tested by the tech giant. The company is experimenting with an overlay which displays more information on a search query, pulled from third-party sources, such as Wikipedia.

The search embellishment is designed to give users a more robust experience by providing expanded information on search queries. However, there is bound to be some level of opposition as the Google search features, currently in the testing phase, doesn’t display information about the query itself. Instead, the Google search box displays information about the source, not the query.Google search features

For instance, in the example above, a search query on “Breaking Bad” pulls up the overlay, which contains information about the source, in this case Wired.com. However, a close look reveals the information contained in the overlay doesn’t come from Wired, it’s populated with content from Wikipedia.

Google Search Features Limited

At this time, the Google search embellishment only pulls information from Wikipedia and a very few other sources. Therefore, if a company or individual does not have a dedicated wiki article, the overlay won’t appear. “There’s a new Google experiment that annotates search results with information about the sites. Most of the information is obtained from Wikipedia articles, but there are a few exceptions,” the company explains on  one of its blogs.

This might be part of the Knowledge Graph, an ongoing project which associates like things and interconnected industries to provide more robust yet concise Google search results. However, that is unclear at this early stage.

More Innovations Await

Google searches have recently been getting more sophisticated, and personalized. For instance, Google Now, a search feature which answers specific questions, is intended to be a kind of personal assistant. Android smartphones can answer questions related to synced data, such as vocally asking “Is it going to rain today?”, “When is my flight tomorrow”, or, “When is my UPS package scheduled to arrive?”

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