September 15, 2022
Google Warns Against Thin Content

Google Warns Against Thin Content

Google Warns Against Thin ContentMountain View, California–Matt Cutts of Google explains messages sent to site owners through Google Webmaster Tools about “thin content with little or no added value”. Mr. Cutts states that sites which publish content that is not original or copied content which only has marginal changes is of no value to the internet.

The upshot is Google targets such thin content sites by way of manual actions. Once a site is penalized manually, the website owner must completely overhaul the site in order for the penalty to be lifted.

Thin Content with Little or No Added Value

This phrasing is sent to website owners via Google Webmaster Tools, alerting the search engine has or will penalize the cyber property. The phrase means a site has no or little unique content. Mr. Cutts gives an example of a satellite dish installer out of Colorado. The installer simply copied and pasted the same page multiple times, changing only the name of the city.

In addition, sites which take content directly from affiliate programs are also an example of what not to do. Publishing content from article banks and pulling copy from sites like Wikipedia is also mentioned in the video as examples of sites violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Think Original and Useful

Launching a new site means bringing added value to the internet. It’s what Google terms “being a good neighbor”. Sites which violate webmaster guidelines are penalized heavily. To have said penalty lifted and recover, a site must have unique, informative copy, “It goes back to the sort of thing where we’re looking for original content, original research, original insight, something that would make the site compelling, something that would make it so that users really like the site, they’d bookmark it, they’d tell their friends about it, they’d come back to it, they really enjoy the site,” Cutts explained.

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