July 4, 2022

‘Hero Ads’ Appearing in Bing Search

'Hero Ads' Appearing in Bing Search
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Redmond, Washington–Hero ads are going to be appearing in Bing search results, a move from the Google testing playbook. The larger-than-life banner ads haven’t gone well for Big G, but that doesn’t seem to stop Microsoft from at least trying their own version.

Select brand partners in the United States will be among the first to roll out and will be appearing in Smart Search results, meaning these giant banner ads are tied directly to Windows 8.1. When users enter a query related to specific brands, the Hero ads will show up, replacing paid real estate.

The Home Depot, Land Rover, Radio Shack, and Volkswagen are the first corporations partnering up with Bing, and the testing is limited to a small group of users running Windows 8.1.

Hero Ads Not Search Wide

Though these certain brands are involved with testing the ads in Bing Smart Search, they won’t be appearing on everyone’s desktop or mobile device. What’s more, or less, depending, is these color rich banner ads won’t appear in search results of unrelated queries or topics.

Hero Ads in Bing Search
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However, within its own select user audience, feedback will be highly encouraged. “We want to create search advertising that is simple, powerful and keeps the user’s experience top-of-mind, which ultimately will benefit our advertisers too,” the company wrote in its announcement of the new ads.

Bing, Yahoo, Still Trailing

Though it recently updated it search page, Bing, like its partner, Yahoo, hasn’t been able to capture any more market share. The networks essentially trade percentages of market share between one another, while Google remains at the top, processing some 67 percent of all queries.

Bing recently introduced “inspired content” and back in May of this year, began to include Facebook activity in its sidebar. The internet portal has made strides in certain sectors of search, and continues to experiment with new channels. Bing currently handles just over 17 percent of all monthly searches.

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