August 6, 2022

How to Get More Traffic

how-to-get-more-trafficHow to get more traffic is a question nearly every site owner asks. Surprisingly, the answer isn’t complicated. It’s what every in-the-know expert constantly tells anyone who has ears to listen. The answer of how to get more traffic is by providing great content.

When a site includes rock solid copy that is both interesting and useful, it will get crawled, index and ranked. Relying on the latest “sure thing” will only mean having to respond to the search engines’ latest algorithm change. Participating in schemes which are supposed to answer how to get more traffic are outright gimmicks. But understandably, it’s all too tempting when great things are promised.

How to get more traffic is really a question of what you can do on your own site rather than what can be done to manipulate the search engines. Concentrating on your pages will work far more wonders than anything else. 

How to Get More Traffic Effectively

Fads come and go. And that’s precisely why they’re called fads. Their shelf-life is short-lived in many cases because they’re a temporary fix or substitute for the real deal. Inevitably, times change and it’s back to square one–some or all gains are wiped away.

…the old chestnut, Content is King. Give [Bing] quality content and we’ll respond with love. —Duane Forrester, Bing Senior Webmaster Product Manager

So, how to get more traffic without breaking or bending the rules? The answer for how to get more traffic is simple: follow the rules that are set by the search engines. If your site just follows the parameters that Google and Bing establish, you won’t have a problem.

What’s more, your site will continue to rise in search results. How to get more traffic starts and ends with quality content.

Getting Traffic to Your Site

Getting traffic to your site is only a matter of minding what the search engines say is and is not acceptable. By reading the links above, you’ll see how to get more traffic. For the Cliff’s Notes version, you can learn how to get more traffic by following these steps:

  1. Start by either publishing or repopulating your site with informative, relevant content that delivers on its promise.
  2. Don’t overdo what’s considered acceptable. Even sites with really great content will be penalized for over-optimization.
  3. Allow links to build organically from other sites. If your site has quality copy, then others will naturally deep link to those pages.
  4. Stay away from link schemes. The algorithms are sophisticated enough to spot them and it’s an invitation to trouble.
  5. Format your content to make it easy for humans to scan and search robots to crawl. Both will appreciate a well-formatted, neat looking site.
If your site has lack-luster content or you are building a site from the ground up, and have trouble creating quality content, then place an order or contact us for a free consultation.

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