September 15, 2022

How To Write a Press Release

how-to-write-a-press-releaseHow to write a press release? Though these announcements are ubiquitous, when it comes time to write a press release, the words don’t seem to flow. So, most first time press release writers begin scouring the Internet for a professional looking press release template. But even when novice press release writers find the perfect press release format, they still struggle with how to write a press release.

Granted, it’s not “natural” to write a press release because these documents are often dry and lack personality. In order to for a person to learn how to write a press release, he or she will have to get past the idea of crafting a story. It’s more about getting a certain, central theme out and backing it with eye-catching, ear-perking facts and figures. The caveat: not producing a boring, eye-rolling, yawn inducing document that just blends into the crowd of competitors. 

How to Write a Press Release: Where to Start

The central purpose of writing a press release is to get a message out. But it doubles as branding a business. Learning how to write a press release requires all press release writers to keep that focus. Every sentence should be aimed toward the goal of self-promotion. It isn’t an opportunity to trash competitors but to highlight some achievement or announce a new product or service. The ultimate goal is to attract favorable media coverage and not unwittingly birth to a distraction or open the door for criticism.

Tricks Press Release Writers Use

We follow certain guidelines at Copywriting Services Pro when writing press releases. The first is getting into a sharp focus. It might sound too obvious, but it’s easily to get distracted when first going about how to write a press release. The document will have to just one page, so focus is key. Then, fine-tune the facts and quotes that best back-up the release’s claims. Put a little sales lingo into the copy, but don’t make it an advertisement.

Now, for the press release template step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Put at the top of the press release, “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”.
  2. Write a catchy, but fact-stuffed headline, centered on the page in bold font.
  3. Create the dateline.
  4. Start with the city, then state, followed by the date.
  5. Put the “Five W’s” in the first paragraph: who, what, when, where and why (and how)
  6. Write the body and slightly tease the reader. The facts should tantalize and/or spark curiosity.
  7. End with a conclusion and a “for additional information” line, complete with contact information.
  8. The press release should end with three hash-tags or pound signs, “# # #”.
Now you know how to write a press release. There will likely be more than one draft on the first go-around. But it will become more natural as time goes on.

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