September 15, 2022

How to Write SEO Copy [Video]

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[How to Write SEO Copy Video Transcript]

People search the Internet using keywords or phrases. This is the very crux of SEO writing. But just who are you writing for? Are you writing for people or search engines? The answer is both. SEO copy is written to appeal to search engines while still being informative to humans.

So, how do you balance these two audiences? By using some simple SEO copy techniques, you can create content that doesn’t look spammy while maintaining enough optimization elements to rank high.

Let’s take a look at those elements.

SEO Copy Writing Basics

First, start with keyword research. It’s extremely important to write using words people are actually searching for. Use a service like Google Adwords or Keywordspy to find the most appropriate search terms.

Once you have your keywords, think of synonyms for those search terms. For instance, if you are writing about “dog training”, keep in mind, people will also search phrases like “dog obedience”, “canine behavior” and “puppy training”. This is called “latent semantic indexing” or LSI. And it’s wise to include these similar terms in the copy.

Titles, LSI and Linking

Create a title including the strongest keyword phrase and begin the page or post with that same keyword phrase. Pepper this phrase throughout the SEO copy, keeping its density between 2 and 3 percent. In addition, sprinkle the synonyms in the copy one to three times.

Insert one to two outbound links to reputable sites as well as one or more internal links.

SEO Copy Writing Format

Break up the copy into digestible paragraphs using headers in chronological order, starting with an H2 tag, then an H3 tag. It’s also acceptable to use an H4 tag for longer pages or posts. Include a numbered or unordered list after the H3 or H4 tag–search engines like to see well-formatted, informative copy.

Include an original image, and fill in the “alt tag”. Lastly, end the page or post with a call to action. And that’s how to write SEO copy.

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