August 4, 2022

Increase Conversions with Better Copy

increase-conversionsIncrease conversions and see your business flourish. If only it were that easy. When it comes to getting visitors to pick up the phone or fill out a contact form, there’s a lot of guesswork on how to improve conversion rates.

After getting more traffic, those visitors will form an initial impression about your site and by extension, your business.

New and returning visitors both expect to see certain elements. Things like great copy, eye-catching images and easy, intuitive page-to-page navigation.

Site owners can also increase conversions with enticements such as free trial periods and other types of promotions. But these are getting beyond the fundamentals of how to increase conversion rates. So, let’s start there. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

You want to increase website conversions. You’ve done the necessary work for getting links. And with higher traffic, it’s natural to assume it will increase website conversion metrics. But looking over the analytics, that isn’t the case.

…there will be 169 million video viewers this year. That’s a lot of opportunity, but many small business owners need to learn how to turn a viewer into a buyer. —Business Insider

This causes a knee-jerk reaction. And taking into account how effective things like how popular video is, site owners might jump into putting up a video. But that too does little to increase conversions. On to more site marketing gimmicks you merrily go. Yet it seems that nothing works. No matter what you employ to increase conversions with moves the needle.

How to Increase Conversions

The reason these methods do not increase conversions is they have little or nothing to do with your actual site. That’s how conversion optimization is really done–with a better site. And what conversion rate optimization actually is is identifying weaknesses on your site and fixing them.

The biggest weakness of most websites isn’t the code, it’s the content. So, here’s how to fix it in order to increase conversions:

  1. Make your message clear and concise. Too much information is a common problem. If there’s a lot of it on your site it does two things. First, is “paralysis by analysis” and second, there’s little reason for the reader to take any other action.
  2. Write to pique interest. Strong headlines are great. But content that doesn’t deliver will drive down conversions. Word headlines to raise curiosity or promise a specific outcome.
  3. Craft an opening paragraph that “leads”. Ask questions, cite statistics. Anything that begins to deliver on the title and draws the reader further into the copy.
  4. Show them something. Like the block quote above, give the reader some red meat to chew on. Facts, figures and solutions work the best. Use them to impress and to build trust.
  5. Give them directions. This is your call-to-action area. It’s the place where you sum-up the material and position your business as the solution.
To learn more about crafting quality, informative content that helps to increase conversions, contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help improve your site.

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