September 16, 2022

Instagram Ads to Debut When Right Time Comes

Instagram Ads to Debut When Right Time Comes
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San Francisco, CaliforniaInstagram ads aren’t part of the social image and video sharing site currently, but that will change “when the right time comes,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

During a quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg stated that Instagram advertising will eventually be part of the social network’s revenue stream, but for now, users won’t see ads on Instagram. However, there are plans to monetize the mobile app, thoughno plans have been made public.

Instagram Ads Versus Facebook

Perhaps the largest changes of late have been on the photo and video sharing site’s parent property, Facebook. Gaming ads are going to pop-up in the notification menu, at least for those who are already gaming through the social platform.

Facebook, being the largest, most active social network globally, is intent on incorporating advertising on Instagram, though at this juncture, the focus is purely on attracting more users. On the conference call, Zuckerberg made that point clear, “We expect over time to generate a lot of profit from it. We think the right focus for now is to continue increasing the footprint of Instagram…”

Growth and Timing

While users won’t see Instagram ads any time soon, the social site will continue to test marketing strategies. The first of which has been its hugely popular video feature, which debuted with 5 million uploads a month ago. The social mobile app also added a tagging feature in early May, further expanding its user base. In addition, the social network also recently introduced an embed feature.

And, as big brand international corporations utilize the social app, it’s certain that like YouTube video ads, there will be a synonymous link between Instagram and advertising. A prime example is General Electric, which posted pictures of its jet engines on its Instagram feed, which earned 140,000 followers.

That alone makes for a good Instagram ad, at least in the sense it demonstrates that mega corporations, particularly a prominent Fortune 500 company, can use the image and video sharing site in their marketing practices.

Facebook purchases Instagram in April of 2012 for $1 billion. The photo and video sharing app currently has 130 million active users, up from 80 million, a near 63 percent increase, from a year ago.

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