June 22, 2022

Instagram Embed Now Available

Instagram Embed Now Available
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San Francisco, CaliforniaInstagram embed options are now available for both photo and video uploads. The video and photo sharing social media site, having in excess of 100 million users, has been developing new features to attract more users. It’s most recently released feature was the addition of video.

The video capturing feature, which allows for 15 seconds worth of content, was largely seen by industry insiders and social media marketers as an answer to Twitter’s Vine, which gives users 6 seconds of recording time. Since its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has seen a steady rise in its usership.

Instagram Embed Options

The Instagram embed features allows its users to copy the file path of a video or photo in order to place it on another cyber property. The process for using the Instagram embed is very straightforward and can be done with just a few clicks. Users only need to visit the video or photo on the social sharing site, click on the item to expand it, then click the arrow icon to the right of the post, and finally, copy the embedded file path into the HTML of another site.

This, the photo and video user aggregation site states, will allow news organizations to provide real-time looks into breaking news events, and other organizations can do likewise, allowing their readership to get behind the scene glimpses of the events they cover.

Instagram Embed Only Available to Public Accounts

Possibly taking into account its parent company’s many past troubles with user privacy, the Instagram embed feature will not work on private user accounts. Only those users who have set their accounts for public viewing are able to be shared.┬áIn addition, the embedded code automatically attributes the video or photo to the original user. When a photo or video is embedded from Instagram, it contains a link which directs to the person or organization which uploaded the content.

Users can also tag people in their photos, and connect their Instagram accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. To date, Instagram has handled over 16 billion uploads.

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