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Instagram Shares Boost Business Sales

Instagram Shares Boost Business SalesSan Francisco, California–Instagram shares are a big part of small business advertising, new figures reveal. Anecdotes are plentiful, with small companies sharing their successes by sharing on the photo and video sharing social site. The platform is now part-and-parcel of business marketing strategies.

More companies are using the social media medium to drive-up sales, attract new customers, and develop their brand. The image app is particularly useful as a marketing tool for those businesses which have photo-centric qualities, such as bakeries, clothing retailers, hair salons, photographers, and restaurants.

Instagram Shares Spur More Sales

Limelight Extensions, a hair salon in Farmington Hills, Michigan is one such business benefiting from Instagram photo sharing. When the company posts pictures, especially those with bright colors, the phone begins ringing. One image, in particular, generated $10,000 in sales. The hair studio has 27,000 and customers, as well as the business, regularly share images, which spreads the word.

In Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Yumbox, a company which makes lunch boxes with a balanced diet theme, paid a highly-followed health food blogger to share a photo of one of their products. That image spiked the company’s website visits and doubled its followers to almost 5,000.

Behind the Moon, a retail clothing store in Hammonton, New Jersey, shared a photo accompanied by a hashtag, which prompted a sale to a consumer in Dallas, Texas. The transaction marked the first purchase shipment since the store opened in April of this year. Peridot Sweets in Las Vegas posted a photo of a well-decorated cake just prior to Mother’s Day. The Nevada bakery offered a discount in the share and that alone boosted its followers to about 1,800.

Instagram Following Social Media Trends

Currently, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have advertising options for small businesses. Instagram does not have such a marketing option, but is working to bring advertising to the app. Founded in 2010, and acquired by Facebook in 2012, the app has more than 200 million users across the globe.

Small business owners cite the main reason for using the photo and video sharing channel is its ease of use. What’s more, companies can share their images and video on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr by syncing those accounts.

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