August 4, 2022

Instagram Video Debuts with 5M Uploads

Instagram Video Debuts with 5M Uploads
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San Francisco, CaliforniaInstagram video was officially released to the social image sharing site this past Thursday, June 20th, and it was met with robust enthusiasm.

The Facebook acquired site recorded an astounding number of uploads by its 100 million-plus users, who were more than ready to share their clips.

Instagram video, rumored to be in the works just last week, Facebook made news when it invited a group of people to a private product announcement, one which the largest social network on the internet kept tight-lipped about.

Instagram Video Versus the Competition

Once Instagram video became available, users rapidly began exploring the feature. The new video sharing tool proved quite welcome, with a whopping five million videos being uploaded through the social image sharing site in just twenty-four hours after it’s release, according to CNet.¬†Instagram video was an instant success.

The move was in response to the Twitter acquisition of Vine, a six-second video sharing feature. Upping the ante, Instagram video clips are over twice the play-time length, running 15 seconds.

Part of the ongoing battle to lure and retain mobile users, Facebook recently made its foray into handheld devices, a move that disappointed users with the feature named Facebook Home.

Battling for Users, Advertisers

Monetization is often a tough road to plow, and the world of mobile is certainly no exception. Twitter has made a few strategic moves to gain more ad revenue, so too, has Facebook. Recently, the 140 character sharing microblog announced it would include retargeting to lure more companies into opening their marketing wallets.

Facebook recently stated that it would begin simplifying its ad interface, making it easier for businesses to target their audiences on the social site.¬†Other social sites, like Tumblr, recently acquired by Yahoo!, is seeking ways to introduce ads without compromising user experience–a process which has proven difficult thus far.

Though Instagram video has demonstrated itself to be a great feature, it’s not without its drawbacks, namely, the load it places on mobile devices, sometimes causing a slow response.

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