August 4, 2022

Instagram Video Rumored

Instagram Video Rumored
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Menlo Park–A small but persistent Instagram video rumor has been circulating and, given Facebook’s great success in its first few years, it is very difficult to think that they could possibly lose another battle.

A series of bad releases, including Facebook Home, a user interface for Android-compatible smartphones designed to be a replacement for the existing Android home screen, made FB “lose a lot of credibility”, said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

To add to that, Twitter’s April 2013 release, Vine (a service that lets mobile users capture and share short, looping videos), has Facebook gasping for air, and in desperate need to release a good enough update that repairs their social networking cred, and gives them new hopes to get back at the top again.

The only recent welcomed feature added worth mentioning is the ability for users to tag photos in Instagram.

Instagram Video Could Be a Game Changer

Facebook’s last attempt at battling the Twitter guys was last week, when they announced that they were finally enabling hashtags on the site. However, it seems as if this is not enough, the experts expect more. Could we give the winning title to Twitter just yet?

Last Friday, news hit that Facebook was inviting reporters to a product announcement on June 20th, this upcoming Thursday, at its Menlo Park offices in California. “A small team has been working on a new idea,” the invitation reads—”join us for coffee and learn about a new product.”

Although there are no hints at what this could potentially be, there is a lot of speculation. Some are thinking a new social networking phone; others are thinking about a smaller but efficient and competitive app update. And adding an Instagram video feature certainly falls into the mix.

New Features Anticipated by Industry Experts

Experts anticipate and hope that Facebook’s new update will be focused on an enhanced video feature for their recent mobile app acquisition, Instagram, the trendy social network’s photo-sharing app. “Twitter’s Vine video feature is getting a lot of attention lately, so a Vine knock-off could be in order,” said Moorhead. He also commented on how Facebook could use mobile-focused apps or features, such as a local app that encourages people to check in to local restaurants or stores.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the news this upcoming Thursday. We just have to wait and see what Facebook’s future has in store. “Facebook has a lot of ground to make up and if they announce something awesome, past failure will be forgotten quickly,” Moorehead added.

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