August 4, 2022

Keyword Strategy and Geo Targeting

keyword-strategyKeyword strategy is a quintessential part of creating content that gets indexed by search engines. What’s more, it instills confidence in visitors, letting them know they have found the right website.

But getting started can be confusing. To devise a keyword strategy, you can use a keyword map, but there’s a distinct learning curve with keyword mapping.

To make things less complicated, it’s best to start simple and build content over time which includes necessary ranking elements. The most effective keyword strategy will include not only general phrases associated with your business, but specific ones as well. A good keyword strategy utilizes synonyms for the strongest key phrases across the site. 

Keyword Strategy and Geo Targeting Defined

keyword strategy is the use of words and phrases particular to a business’ industry, products and services. The practice of geo targeting is including specific locations in conjunction with the identified keywords and phrases.

For instance, a plumbing business in Miami, Florida would use terms like “professional plumber”, “emergency plumber”, “water heater installation” in its keyword strategy. It would also include terms for geo targeting the audience in its location. Words like “South Florida”, “Miami”, “Dade” and “South Miami Beach” would be good geo targeting.

No search-engine optimization campaign will work if you don’t have the right keywords. You need to know how your target customers search for services online. —NY Times

Chances are excellent people living in that area would search for those words and phrases.

Therefore, a company’s keyword strategy has to be mindful of what potential customers are looking to find. By incorporating relevant terms in your site’s content, it helps people find it more easily.

How to Develop a Keyword Strategy

The first thing to do in developing a keyword strategy is to do your homework. It will take some time to get a coherent keyword strategy in place, but will be worth the effort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow:

  1. Visit your competitors’ sites and look for words and phrases they’re using in their keyword strategy. (These are easy to spot, because these words and phrases will appear in bold font.)
  2. Use a keyword tool like Google Adwords or Keyword Spy to find strong search terms relevant to your business.
  3. Revisit your competitors’ sites and see if they are using those search terms and how those terms are being used.
  4. Conduct an internet search through Google or Bing using those search terms and see what sites appear in the top of the results page.
  5. Compare the search results with the position your competitors rank. If they’re not at the top, emulate the sites which are appearing in the top positions of the search results into your site’s keyword strategy.
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