August 9, 2022

LinkedIn Adds Rich Media to Its Site

LinkedIn Adds Rich Media to Its Site
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Mountain View, CaliforniaLinkedIn has officially joined the ranks of its more congenial, off-hours peers. The social media world will now have to compete with a business class platform as the professional social networking property is now allowing its user base to include photos, documents, and even presentations. It’s called “rich media” and it’s bound to change the way users interact with one another and the site itself.

The move is sure to cause its many members to become linked in more often, putting it on-par with other, more familiar social websites. After adding a mention feature in April of this year, the social network with an all-about-business landscape is working its way into the ranks of the best social networking sites one step at a time.

No Longer Just a Social Network for Professionals

The bulk of the site’s users are there, of course, for professional networking purposes. The cyber property’s powerful endorsement tool is just one of many features that make it such a success and place it at the pinnacle of professional social networking sites. But now, users can introduce more into the otherwise all-business conversation, which is seen as a risk to many web industry devoted sites.

The risk being that users, now given the ability to go completely off-corporate talk topic, will do exactly that, cluttering the site with extraneous posts which do not contribute to the platform’s most notable achievement. However, the site’s chieftains see it as an extraordinary opportunity, as so stated in their official blog.

LinkedIn and the Future of  Social Sites

LinkedIn recently updated its mobile app to provide a more robust user experience for professionals on the go. So, what was a place to find linked in jobs and develop professional relationships that were meant to rival other social sites is evolving into something quite different.

The site, which currently has approximately 225 million users in several countries around the globe was up 1.20 percent to 171.39 per share on today’s market open.

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