September 18, 2022
LinkedIn Job Search Apply Direct with an App

LinkedIn Job Search: Apply Direct with an App

LinkedIn Job Search Apply Direct with an AppSan Francisco, CaliforniaThe LinkedIn job search process has just gotten as easy as tapping an app. Registered users of the business networking site can access the platform via mobile device, grab the new and improved mobile app, then start sending your resume to employers looking to fill open slots.

The business-centric social site has been busy as of late, making new strides to attract more advertisers and allowing users to upload rich media to enhance their status updates. The network also made changes to its mobile app in April, which included an improved home screen, original content, and conversations.

The LinkedIn Job Search Enters a New Era

For people that have been using LinkedIn for job search will certainly be pleased with this latest feature. It’s makes the process simple and straightforward. Users browse through the LinkedIn job postings and find the positions which most appeal to them. Then, they can select the job they wish to apply for, review their information, and tap “Submit”.

It makes finding a job and applying for that same position a snap. However, it doesn’t come without a caveat. For those who know how to find a job on LinkedIn, the process will be intuitive. But for users unacquainted with the site the LinkedIn jobs search interface might prove difficult to navigate because of its learning curve. Another potential problem is always having an up-to-date profile as well as resume. Users on the job hunt will have to make sure their profile and resume are fully updated before using the app to throw their hat into the ring.

A Great Feature, but Only if Employers Come Aboard

Of course, it’s completely up to the employers to embrace the new application process. Should employers welcome the new way of receiving application, the feature will be a tremendous tool for the network to expand upon. However, if employers don’t play along, then the feature won’t be at all useful to job seekers.

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