September 18, 2022

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Attracting Brands

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Attracting Brands
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Mountain View, California–The new LinkedIn sponsored updates, which are beginning to appear in the site’s main news feed, are a core-driver of the company’s overall content marketing strategy.

Along with its influencers program, which features content written by Fortune 500 CEOs and other recognized leaders, the LinkedIn marketing strategy appears to  be centered around attracting more visitors with useful insight. That program alone has been responsible for a huge uptick in site traffic for the professional social networking company.

About LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

The addition of LinkedIn sponsored updates are part of a fresh ad unit made available to advertisers and brand ambassadors that manage company pages on LinkedIn. Ads will appear on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, alongside the organic content feed of companies and brands users follow.

“With sponsored updates what we are doing basically is giving them a way to go beyond their followers and increase their distribution,” said Gyanda Sachdeva, product manager at LinkedIn. The company hopes to see more engagement between followers and brands by creating a larger channel for those brands to market.

With an excess of 3 million companies using LinkedIn social networking, it’s nearly a sure bet those brands will be happy to oblige. Ads can be purchased via cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mile (CPM), with the latter being based on monthly performance.

LinkedIn Advertising Options

Prior to the roll out of LinkedIn sponsored updates, ad options on the site were few. This new model has more metrics and marketers can quickly ascertain user engagement and sentiment. Though sponsored updates has gone live, it’s still unclear as to how many of the sites current 200+ million users will see the ads.

The company states that the new marketing unit is still in its infancy and more analysis will have to be conducted to quantify how effective the ads are. The platform is expected to continue in its growth with its innovations. Recently, LinkedIn added a mention feature, much like that of Twitter, and, it also allowed users to upload rich media to their posts.

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