August 5, 2022

LinkedIn Traffic Skyrocketing

LinkedIn Traffic Skyrocketing
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Mountain View, CaliforniaLinkedIn traffic is growing at a fast rate, outpacing some of the largest social media sites on the internet. The site released its quarterly earnings, which reported desktop and mobile use are garnering some impressive statistics.

Daniel Roth, executive editor of LinkedIn, is crediting a relatively new feature the business networking site launched in October of 2012. The content feature, Roth’s own brainchild, called Influencers, currently comprises 250 uncompensated contributors.

Among them, business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Gretchen Rubin, T. Boone Pickens, and Meg Whitman, write about business leadership, entrepreneurial ventrures, management, and insight into the corporate world.

LinkedIn Traffic By the Numbers

The business networking site recorded a 63 percent increase in the number of page views in the first quarter of 2013 over that of the first quarter in 2012. During the first three months in 2013, LinkedIn garnered 11.1 billion desktop page views. In addition, LinkedIn traffic has risen since its introduction of rich media, which was released sitewide at the end of May.

Roth states, “traffic to all [LinkedIn’s] news products had increased eightfold since Influencers was introduced,” as reported by the New York Times.

But the upside doesn’t end there. In the first quarter of 2013, the business-centric network experienced an 8 percent user growth, and a 35 percent growth in users in year-over-year numbers. It recorded a 14 percent increase in monthly unique visitors, which is 28 percent over last year. By comparison, Facebook saw a 23 percent increase in monthly unique visitors over the same time period.

Looking Toward the Future

Like its Endorsements feature, the LinkedIn Influencer program is so popular, the site has a waiting list of CEO’s ready to join. These numbers clearly demonstrate that the site’s users are engaging more often and staying on the channels for longer durations. The business network recently debuted a mention feature, which in-part contributes to prolonged user engagement

The site, which introduces new features at a much slower pace than other social networks, seems to count on quality over quantity. LinkedIn went public in 2011, and has exceeded earnings estimates every quarter, proving its worth and business model to be a sound one.

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