August 4, 2022
Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen’s “Tweetstorms” Revitalize Twitter Engagement

Marc AndreessenDigital news outlet Quartz released surprising data today regarding Marc Andreessen’s tweeting habits. Andreessen, a prominent venture capitalist, has been using Twitter non-stop since moments after the ball dropped in Times Square this New Year’s Day.

Birth of a Niche Communication Platform

Quartz credits Andreessen with popularizing the “Tweetstorm,” a string of linked tweets discussing a single topic. A Tweetstorm is typically used to circumvent Twitter’s infamous 140 characters, but Andreessen established a widely-followed formula for clear, easy-to-digest (albeit lengthy) “storms.”

The impact of Andreessen’s format may reach farther than he realizes. Bloggers and prominent social media figures have used their own Tweetstorms to respond to significant events in politics, pop culture, news, and activism. Facebook and Tumblr users are by now accustomed to seeing screenshots of these earnest tweeted statements on their own social media feeds.

A Tweetstorms’ Role Model for Online Presence

Business networks such as LinkedIn are full of advice columns directed towards establishing an online presence. Hiring directors post provocative titles like “Why I Won’t Hire You” and almost always point to a barren web presence. While the phrase “networking” has been a part of business lingo for years, never has it been more relevant than in the online networked community.

Unfortunately, many often miss the point of what their “online presence” is actually supposed to be doing. Employers and job-hunters alike often fall prey to the Pokemon-style “catch ‘em all” approach, collecting as many followers as possible to boost their own image. Andreessen is showing the online community what it really means to be active online.

Quartz data revealed that of the active tweeter’s activity, nearly 60% of his tweets are replies. He does not simply gain followers and forget them; he is actively engaged in the digital community. Andreessen tells Quartz, “It’s a great way to explain what we’re doing, how we think about things, and to respond to issues and questions.”

Twitter Marketing is Essential to Twitter Activism

Marc Andreessen uses Twitter to educate the public about his business and engage with followers interested in his industry. A short glimpse at those who retweet his posts, however, reveal that business people aren’t the only attention he attracts: his statements are often shared by activist groups as well.

Andreessen’s use of effective Twitter marketing is an example that does not stop at the corporate world. Business News Daily asks, “Are you tweeting or are you engaging?” The truth of digital engagement, however, is that any individual or organization hoping to establish a credible web presence can follow the advice of Business News Daily – and the example of Marc Andreessen – for a more effective web strategy.

Carolyn Moritz

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