August 4, 2022

New Bing Apps: Sitemap Plugin, Ads Center, & News Carousels

Bing Apps: Sitemap Plugin, Ads Center, & News Carousels
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Redmond, Washington–New Bing apps and features are coming at an accelerated rate nowadays. Since the beginning of the year, the second largest search engine has added a number of user tools, such as its integration of  Facebook activity in the social sidebar and including Pinterest uploads in its image search results.

Now, there’s a fresh batch of Bing apps, which include a new sitemap plugin, released from its beta phase, an ads traffic quality center, and a news carousel to top of the list.

Bing Apps Sitemap Plugin

Though the app has been available in beta, it’s now ready for prime time. The Bing XML Sitemap Plugin 1.0, will automatically ping Google and Bing when new pages are published. The app generates XML sitemaps, which are all compatible with, Windows servers, and Apache HTTP servers, according to a report by Search Engine Watch.

What’s more, unlike so many Bing apps, this one is open source, and is available to users in the search engine’s download center.

Bing Ads Traffic Quality Center

This tool is a more powerful one than previous others. It allows advertisers to pinpoint more data and even tells subscribers where their ads are appearing. It tells advertisers how the search engine is protecting their ongoing campaigns from fraudulent clicks, how their credits are being handled, and the metrics of price adjustments.

Other features are a feedback tool, a knowledge base, complete with tutorial articles, and blocking of specific IP addresses and URLs.

Bing News Carousels

This interesting feature allows older news items to be included in the search results if no current articles are available. The news carousel also presents an image of the person for which a user is searching, which includes links to recent stories and pages containing that person’s name.

These are big additions to the arsenal of existing Bing apps. The search engine recently saw a slight gain in its market share and has also successfully beat-out Google in five search categories.

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