August 6, 2022
New Facebook Feed Goes Live

New Facebook Feed Goes Live

New Facebook Feed Goes Live
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Menlo Park, California–A new version of Facebook feed is going live to directly compete with Twitter to be the go-to source for real-time online conversations. The social network is giving some of its media partners access to its “public feed” API, where all the posts by public members stream.

The media access allows companies such as CNN and Slate will be able to view real-time lists of public posts related to certain keywords. Only posts by users that have been made public will appear in the stream which might surprise some as to what they’ve unwittingly marked as “public”.

Facebook Feed Seeks to Unseat Twitter

Social networks are increasingly borrowing features from one another. Recent changes include a revamping of the Facebook news feed, as well as the implementation of hashtags. Also, the largest social network has taken another cue from the microblog often called a “global town square,” allowing users to embed posts across other social networks, into webpages and blogs.

The social site has likewise been testing a trending section in its desktop and mobile interfaces, another feature which has long been available on Twitter. With access to its public API feed media such as Buzzfeed, NBC’s Today Show, Sky TV, and Slate, can instantly pull content. Though it will get ample exposure, it’s an uphill battle to unseat Twitter as the reigning source for real-time content.

Social Network Competition Heavy

Instagram just reached the 150 million user mark and Google+ continues to gain in popularity. Social media sites are constantly vying for market share, amidst demographic shifts. Facebook has been losing younger users for months, many of which are turning to other social platforms. The social network suffered a public failure when it launched Facebook Home. However, the company continues to grow its mobile ad revenue, giving it the ability to try new things and retain its dominance as the largest social site on the internet.

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