August 4, 2022
Google Adobe Flash Warning

New Google Adobe Flash Warning in Mobile Search

Google Adobe Flash WarningMountain View, California–Starting today, mobile users will see a Google Adobe Flash warning when returned query results contain sites using the multimedia-based player. As many website developers and SEOs know, the technology is not supported universally by all browsers. Now, when Android and iOS users encounter search results which list sites with Flash, Google will display a warning the device does not support play.

Contained within the warning is an option which reads, “Uses Flash. May not work on your device. Try anyway | Learn more.” Of course, the majority of consumers will opt for the first alternative, while few will proceed to the suspect site.

A Google Adobe Flash Warning Fix

Sites using this particular technology are encouraged to switch to HTML5, because it is supported by both desktop and mobile browsers. “Fortunately, making websites that work on all modern devices is not that hard: websites can use HTML5 since it is universally supported, sometimes exclusively, by all devices,” Keita Oda, Software Engineer, and Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst of Google said.

The search giant also made available recommendations and resources for such an upgrade, including Web Fundamentals and Web Starter Kit. The warning is similar in format to the faulty redirects warning and will discourage users from choosing sites which implement Flash.

About Adobe Flash

The multimedia technology, which initially launched in 1996, executes rich Internet applications, which allows users to stream audio, video, and animation. The software is fundamentally different from HTML and presents a problem for search engines to index content.

Clearly, the warning by Google is intended to move sites away from implementing the software and to use more spider-friendly resources to produce content. Another problem is the technology is not able to earn links, as does HTML.

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