November 4, 2022

New Google Plus Updates Go Live

New Google Plus Updates Go Live
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Mountain View, California–New Google Plus updates have been coming fast and furious of late, and the most recent is a change to the main content stream. Now, users will see updates, photos, links, and more content from friends that have received interaction by other users.

These Google Plus updates borrow a page from Facebook, which shows likes from friends of friends. Content which has been +1 by users which are not directly connected will appear in the main news feed on the home page. However, users still have control over what is shared across the social network by visiting the settings page within Google+.

Recent Google Plus Updates

This newest change allows disconnected users to see more content, creating a more robust social experience. Other recent changes have included the overhaul of the Google Plus Dashboard, allowing users more control over their various properties, Google+ comments being integrated into Blogger, and Google Plus profile pictures supporting GIF images.

These Google Plus updates might be in response to the social networks relatively slow growth, as a study released earlier this year found that Twitter outpaced both Google+ and Facebook.

Social Media Continues to Explode

Though some reports have stated that social networks like Facebook are losing users by the millions, a steady increase in social media use continues to happen. However, demographic shifts have occurred, but collectively, social media is growing.

For instance, LinkedIn has just seen a huge increase in its user interaction, with its Influencers program being credited for the rise. And the Facebook owned Instagram handled 5 million uploads when it debuted its video feature.

Social media, at-large, has become a medium which companies now routinely leverage for advertising, and has also become a legitimate news source. In addition, social sites have been instrumental during natural disasters and in conflict situations.

As more improvements are made to lure and retain users, social media has all but assured its longevity on the internet. Though some changes are not as welcome, like Twitter’s recent prohibition against auto follow back apps, other changes are growing the social world. What do you think about the new Google Plus updates?

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