January 12, 2022

New Pinterest, Instagram Ad Options Debut

Credit: Social Media Influence

The Internet–Social media is proving to be an effective environment for marketers and now, new Pinterest, Instagram ad options have become yet another two channels for reaching more consumers. However, what is great news for some might be unwelcome news for others.

Facebook, as well as Twitter, long ago introduced paid advertising; LinkedIn has made marketing available to its group of business-centric users. Which means users have gotten use to ads showing up in feeds as well as side panels. Now, two platforms which have been established as relatively ad-free refuges from marketing are making a foray into the world of brand awareness.

The Pinterest, Instagram Ad Gamble

Be it Pinterest, where users spend an average of eight minutes per day going through images, or Instagram, where users average fifteen minutes scrolling through photos and videos, active users have only been slightly exposed to any type of paid content.

There have been marketing research tests on Instagram, but only to a select group of users, while Pinterest began to include promoted pins in late September of this year. Just one week ago, it was Michael Kors who became the first brand name to use an Instagram ad. It proved to be a success, generating 218,000 likes and gaining some 33,000 followers in the course of eighteen hours.

General Motors did not have as much luck, though it did receive 1,800 comments and 59,000 likes when it posted an ad featuring its GE90 jet engine on Instagram.

The Changing World of Social Media Marketing

Marketers would be wise to move forward slowly on these two new channels and test diligently. Facebook has managed to walk the fine line between interesting, relevant ads in users’ news feeds and annoying, interrupting ads which cause users to click or tap away.

The good news for marketers is although these are two new opportunities, the platforms are similar to other social networks, being image centric. Pinterest currently retains over 70 million users, and Instagram reached 150 million users in the first part of September.

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